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   Details of paysite: Her 1st Anal

Details of: Her 1st Anal [Her1stAnal]

 Part of: Silver Cash
 Description: The majority of women remember being fucked in the pussy for the first time but it seems like all women remember their first anal experience and thatís exactly what Her1stAnal features. A lot of the added fun at the site comes from seeing the reactions of the great looking babes and teens when they see men with bigger than average cocks that are soon going to ram them into their tight little asses. Although many chicks look excited a lot seem very apprehensive but after the cocks penetrate a few inches the women relax and when the balls hit their bums they seem to be in seventh heaven! The material on the site looks great and thereís plenty of blowjob and toying content too and right now thereís a hard to refuse three day trial offer. Members of Her1stAnal also get access to a whole slew of top bonus sites so go take a look at it now.
 Categories: Anal

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