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   Details of paysite: Pimp 4 A Day

Details of: Pimp 4 A Day [Pimp4ADay]

 Part of: Silver Cash
 Description: If black chicks that look like they came straight out of a ghetto do it for you then you should love Pimp4ADay. The site features real amateurs and they weren’t chosen for their beauty but for their willingness to fuck and suck for a few bucks! Pimp4ADay is an ebony reality site that features a black babe named Miss Tammy that gets sent out to pick up guys in need of a meal or a little cash and after being cleaned up, given some nice clothes, some jewellery and a little cash they get sent out on their mission. Their mission, if they choose to accept it, is to bring back a girl that will suck and fuck for the cash or the jewellery, or whatever! You won’t have seen the women on the site before because they most probably were just picked up on the street and they probably went straight back there. The vids are hardcore, very good quality and exclusive so go take a look at the site. Members get access to around 60 bonus sites and the trial costs next to nothing!
 Categories: Ethnic->Ebony (Black), Gay->Reality

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19.07.2015 03:00 2147483646
17.07.2015 03:00 2147483646
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11.07.2015 03:00 2147483646
09.07.2015 03:00 2147483646
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01.07.2015 11:50 2147483646


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